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Crack The Whip (Dark Days Ranch 3)
Georgina’s seen both the good and the bad that comes from having mates. The love the bonding creates lasts a lifetime. But that’s just it. After she watches her mother die of a broken heart, the anxiety Georgina develops over bonding to Damien and Austin is well warranted. Can she get over her fear, or will she keep the pact with her brother that they’re better off alone?
Damien and Austin know they have to bring Georgina around to being their mate. After all, Damien sees the perfect submissive that Georgina is, and he wants her to embrace the life she’s been ordered to live by their alpha. But as things heat up between the three of them, a plea for Damien to take over The Big C leaves him with a tough decision. Does he try to become the alpha he’s always known himself to be, and risk making Georgina’s fear of losing one of her mates a possible reality? Or does he walk away from it all and face the consequences?


Georgie is very reluctant to develop her mating bond with Damien and Austin. Once her father died, Georgie and her brother watched her mother wither and die soon after. Not wanting to be like their mother, Georgie and her brother take a vow to never bond with a mate. However, Damien isn't going to take no for an answer, and Georgie likes it that way. Her brother's reaction turns very violent. Georgie's now in danger of being killed by her own brother over her broken vow.

Damien has been working security for the Dark Days Ranch pack and others. He's worked alone for years, and now it's time to settle down with his two mates. Convincing Georgie takes a little more effort, but that's not a problem for our hero. He's the Dom her submissive side can't wait to bow down to. But will he put being a reluctant a Alpha and take over a neighboring mismanages pack?

Austin is a wolf and use to having to follow his Alpha. What he doesn't count on is being submissive to Damien in bed. The threesome takes some time to get use to and he has a part to play in getting Georgie to accept both his and Damien's love and affection. But her brother is a problem. Would she blame him and let grief come between them if Austin is forced to kill her brother to protect her?

Crack the Whip has several interesting complex sub-plots going on at the same time. Georgie not only has to deal with Damien's potential fight to the death but also with her struggle to not be like her mother. She's ordered by the pack alpha to live with Austin and Damien, and although part of her can't wait to submit to Damien's demands, she really wants to bolt like a spooked horse. Then there's Damien, he has his own internal conflicts. He was born to be an Alpha in his own right. He just doesn't want the job. What would happen to Georgie if her worst fears were realized with his death? It's a lot of him to consider. Then there's Austin. He's a good fighter and strong wolf, but he's not yet in touch with his submissive side.

I enjoyed watching the characters work out their individual problems and finally find their happy medium. The bondage wasn't intense, but it certainly was hot! This one turned out to be a real page turner. I'm not sure I call this one a safe work read, but a quiet moment alone with a glass of wine would make for an interesting evening. Crack the Whip gets 4 stars!

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