Wednesday, March 26, 2014



Six months ago Sam Reed's life was changed forever. Not only did he discover that his father was an angel, but he was also turned into a vampire. On top of that Sam met his fated mate, an alpha werewolf named Jackson Harcourt, who already had a lover of fifty years, a vampire named Alek Harcourt. Miraculously the three of them built a life together and had enjoyed six months of relative bliss. Everything changes, however, when Sam meets the father he never knew and is warned of a terrible threat. The Brotherhood of the Righteous is a sect of angels who hunt down demons and all that descend from them. A nephilim turned vampire is at the top of their hit list. With a clock ticking down and newfound powers that he can't control, Sam and his mates must decide what is best for their pack, and whether they should run, or fight.

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