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World-renowned musician Shawn Kleiner vanished in the night among the ruins of a Scottish castle.  While the world searches, one woman, the mother of his child, knows the truth: he is trapped seven hundred years in the past.  While they struggle to reunite across the centuries, an unseen shadow crosses their path--an evil that will threaten the life of a child prophesied to protect history.

An evil from the past walks today....

The Water is Wide is the third of five books in The Blue Bells Chronicles.

 The Water is Wide:


Holy smokes! I finished The Water Is Wide and nearly fell out of bed at the ending. "There had so better be a book four," I told hubby. Now, I'll admit. I haven't read anything but a synopsis of books one and two. I had to go picking up the details from the past books on my own. There's a lot going on in multiple timeline. I highly recommend you start with book one and read the entire series, but if the first two are anything like this one, you won't mind! What a page turner!

In the past, we have Shawn drawn back in time by a mysterious relic to help Niall, an ancestor of his. They look like twins and take each others place on occasion. This give Niall the appearance of being a highly energetic knight. Together, Niall and Shawn fight for Scotland's freedom and look for a way to send Shawn home.

In the present, Amy, Shawn's ex-girlfriend, is doing be best to find Shawn. Why would she do that? He was a cheater, downplayed her abilities as a musician, and took her for granted. He even convinced her to have an abortion. The reason he's worth the effort? She's pregnant again. This time Shawn isn't here to talk her out of having the baby. She wants the child to know his father and for Shawn's mother to have her son back. However, Angus, a policeman assigned to Shawn's missing person case, has fallen in love with her and she with him. Amy may held bring Shawn home, but will he still have her heart?

This was a real page turner. I had a hard time putting this one down. When the end came and book four wasn't ready and waiting in my trusty Kindle, I was so annoyed. I have to know what happens next! The pace was quick, and there's action throughout. You do have to pay close attention to the details, but that's part of the fun! The characters will grab you and really draw you into the story. The language and scenes are suitable for a lunchtime work read. I give The Water Is Wide 4.5 stars!

About the Author:

Laura Vosika, author of the Blue Bells Chronicles, is also working on several other novels and a non-fiction book on raising a large family. Past publishing credits include an essay in Glamour magazine.
Laura grew up in the military, visiting castles in England, pig fests in Germany, and the historic sites of America's east coast. She earned a bachelor's degree in music, and master's degree in education, and worked for many years as a freelance musician, private music instructor, and school band director.
She currently lives in Minnesota with her nine children, and assorted menagerie.


Blue Bells of Scotland:
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