Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Break Me In (Dark Days Ranch 1)
Myles Baker thinks she has everything under control. That is, until she meets her mates, Logan Harrison and Ty. Paired with a human, and member of the enemy pack, Myles knows that things are about to get complicated for Dark Days. But that’s only the beginning of her problems. There’s a scandal that lies deep within Dark Days Ranch, and for years Myles and her brother have been able to hide it. But it’s only a matter of time before everything is exposed, and the true leader of Dark Days is revealed.
Between Ty and Logan, they’re quickly learning the secrets to their new pack. But they have trouble of their own. Logan isn’t who he seems, and Ty is dealing with his evil ex-Alpha, Samone. Can these three overcome their problems before everything catches up with them, or will Samone, the Alpha of Whiskey River Ranch, accomplish her take down of Dark Days?


What happens when you throw hot cowboys and sexy werewolves together? Jenny May's Dark Days Ranch series, that's what. And what a combination it is!

Myles and her Alpha brother have been keeping a dirty little secret for years. He's the big, tough alpha of the Dark Days Ranch werewolf pack, but is he really? Myles is his elder twin and, by rights, the packs Alpha. Magic may have ordained Myles an alpha, bu tit forgot to check with her as to whether or not she wanted the job. No one else seems to notice, as long as she keeps a lid on her power. But how long will that last when she finds her mates?

Ty is from a neighboring enemy pack. He, too, was born a werewolf and know Myles for what she really is. He's been a ladies man for just as long. When the magic draws him to Myles, he's happy to plot a way to take her back to his pack. He doesn't count on the magic drawing him together with Myles plus one. His other problem lies in what to do if she refuses to go with him. His pack isn't likely to take to kindly to a defection.

Logan is a human who happens to work on the Dark Days Ranch. He loves breaking horses and working with animals. He keeps a secret of his own. Something deep inside of him speaks to the animals. He knows just what they need to bend them to his will. Myles is no exception. The magic chooses him to be the third mate. One little problem. He's always been interested in men. Being attracted to Myles has throw him for a loop.

I enjoyed the complex dynamic for the relationships. Logan and Ty both have some soul searching and exploring to do. Myles is a virgin being guided by magic she has no control over. There are a few more secrets that make this an interesting read and will provide a number of plot twists and turns. The sex is hot, the story pace is quick, and the ending is just as satisfying. I'm giving Break Me In a full 4 stars!

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