Sunday, April 20, 2014


Annabelle Rawlings has fallen for not one but two men. When Callum McCray and Mason Webb set their sights on Annabelle, they refuse to give up until they've made her realize that she belongs to them—no matter how many times she tries to deny it. They know she has dark, kinky desires that only they can satisfy.
When the guys are forced to deny their love, and hers, and push Annabelle away because of a deadly threat from their past, they doubt whether they’ll ever be able to win her back again.
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We kick off with Annabelle, a Kansas small town girl in Chicago, working with an interior design firm and going home to an empty apartment. She's thrown herself into her work and enjoys spending her time with her college friend and boss, Noah Briar. Her life is about to be turned completely around when Noah takes on a new client needing their offices redecorated.
Callum McCray and Mason Webb best friends and looking for that special woman they could spend the rest of their lives with. Together. There's more to their interests than just sharing. They are co-owners of a BDSM club called Sin. When Callum sees Annabelle for the first time, he's instantly smitten, and her reactions to him are just as strong. Can he convince her to love him and Mason? Con he get her to accept training as their sub? And what are they going to do to protect her when a mentally unbalanced blast from the past turns up to kill her?

I enjoyed Sharing Annabelle. The sex was steamy, the guys gorgeous, and the right amount of tension and chemistry all there. The sex wasn't overly graphic, but keep in mind this an erotic novel. It might not be safe for work or poolside reading. The BDSM was kept light, as Annabelle is just being introduced to the lifestyle. Between the hot scenes, we get a nice story of a woman finding love and suffering loss only to find love again. The happily ever after rounds out the ending nicely. I'm giving Sharing Annabelle 4 stars!

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