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Blurb for Her Bear Lovers (Werebears of Shatland, Texas 1) ~ A Bestseller!
Independent, strong Mayla Weaton thinks Romeo and Juliet had it easy. At least they never had to deal with men changing into animals. Soon after finding out that shifters really exist, she realizes she’s in love with three werebears. She manages to accept their furry counterparts, but how can she keep her father from skinning her lovers and hanging their hides on the wall?
Werebears Jadon, Curt, and Josh Barberson find their mate at the barrel end of a loaded rifle. Their choices? Either give her up or attack her father to keep her with them. Their inner Grizzlies are all for making her father turn tail and run, but either choice means they could lose Mayla.
Then when the werewolves of Forever, Texas stick their muzzles into the mix, things really get hairy. Can’t a bear take a mate without everyone trying to tear them apart?

About the Author
Jane Jamison has always liked “weird stuff” as her mother called it. From an early age she was fascinated with stories about werewolves, vampires, space, aliens and whatever was hiding in her bedroom closet. (To this day, she still swears she can hear growls and moans whenever the lights are out.)
 Born under the sign of Scorpio meant Jane was destined to be very sensual. Some would say she was (and remains) downright sexual. Then one day she put her two favorite things together on paper and found her life’s true ambition: to be an erotica paranormal romance author.
 Jane spends at least six days a week locked in her office surrounded by the characters she loves. Every day a new character will knock on the door of her imagination. Her plans include taking care of her loving husband, traveling, and writing at least twelve books a year.  (my author page)  (my author page) (my B&N author page)   (my website)
Josh Barberson didn’t want to let her go. That slight brush of his cock against her leg had flashed an awareness through him that made moving almost impossible. If he didn’t know better, he’d have sworn it was the first touch of the connection.
Just like werewolves and other shifters, werebears had intended mates. Mates they were destined to love as soon as they met. Somehow, fate usually brought them together, but at times, accidents of life happened. The intended mate might have already died. Or gotten married or mated to some other man. Or worse, couldn’t accept what they were no matter how strong the connection was.
Had he literally run into his mate? And hopefully, his cousins’ mate as well? At least he’d managed to shift from bear to human before he’d hit her. He could’ve killed her if he’d hit her with all seven hundred pounds of his grizzly frame.
She was beautiful. That wasn’t necessary for a mate, but it damn sure helped. Her long, auburn hair splayed out a halo around her oval face. A face that had huge eyes and a turned up nose and lips that just begged him to kiss her.
The first time he’d answered that way, she’d given him a stern look. Now she was downright scowling. Funny thing was, he liked it when she was angry. Her beautiful, big brown eyes reminded him of a doe’s frightened eyes when he and his cousins were on the prowl. They never killed since they didn’t have to in order to survive, but the deer didn’t know that. The difference between the deer and the woman was, of course, that the woman wasn’t the least bit afraid. He admired her spunk.
None of that, however, made up for the fact that she was a hunter. “Why do you want to kill animals?”
She’d stopped squirming, which was sad since when she squirmed her full, ripe breasts jiggled under her shirt. Her body was curved, a strong body, with legs that stretched on for miles. Even her jeans, long T-shirt, and camo vest couldn’t hide her attributes.
“You kill animals, right? That’s what hunters do. But why? Do you need them to keep from starving?”
Her mouth parted, challenging him to kiss her. He resisted the urge to answer that challenge, but just barely.
“No. Of course not.”
“Then why do you kill?”
“I, uh, I—”
He’d made her think and imagined that he could see the churning of her mind. “You don’t have a good reason, do you? Or is it that you think it’s fun?”
“No. Yes.” Her scowl deepened. “What the hell concern is it of yours?”
He dreaded her answer to his next questions, but he had to ask. “Do you like to see the blood flowing out of their bodies? Or the poor thing taking its last breath?”
“Urgh. What’s with you? No. I mean—”
Score point number two for him. “Then stop killing. You’re too beautiful to be a killer.”
He hated hunters. Not only because he’d missed getting shot on more than one occasion, but because of Jenkins, his lifelong friend who hadn’t moved fast enough. Jenkins’ death in the Colorado Mountains still pained him.
“Get off me.”
He shook his head, then put his nose to her neck and drew in a large sniff. She stiffened then, giving off the putrid aroma of fear. Underneath the scent of alarm, she smelled good, and as he’d hoped, he felt the zing of the connection fly through his body, racing toward his cock. His shaft hardened even more.
Do I have to get off? What if I seduced her right now?
“Mayla! Are you all right?”
She arched an eyebrow. “That’s my father. Would you like to hang around and meet him? He has a bigger gun than mine. I’m sure he’d let you get a look at it. You know. Up close and personal.”
He scoffed, understanding her meaning all too clearly. “Maybe another time.” Even though there was no way he’d stick around to meet her father—much less his gun—he couldn’t help wanting to stay. A surge of lust spun him around, turning him inside and out. As far as he and his libido were concerned, he had no choice. He had to have a small taste of her no matter what the danger.
He crushed his mouth to hers, felt her quick intake of breath and her hands trying to work free of his arms. Then, as soon as it had happened, she stopped fighting. He whipped his tongue around her mouth, picking up the juices he’d commit to memory.
He groaned, and knowing he’d take it farther if he kept going, he pulled away. She stared at him, her mouth plumped from the kiss.
Then she let out a groan of her own, grabbed him at the back of the neck, and pulled him back into another kiss. It was her tongue that swept into his mouth, hungrily, urgently.
“Mayla, we’re coming!”
Another male’s voice. A younger voice than the first one. Was that her man?
Josh jerked away from her, sprang to his feet, and didn’t think before he acted. Breaking their biggest rule, he shifted, knowing he’d move faster in his bear form.
Her eyes grew wider as fur replaced skin and the world around him took on an amber hue. In only a minute or so, he landed on all fours. A growl came from behind a grove of trees, warning him to get moving.
Shit. They’re going to give me hell for shifting.
He whirled, then dashed away.

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