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For Christmas we are offering five Author Book bundles for your reading pleasure. Priced between $2.99-$4.99, discover new authors and curl up near a fireplace with a cup of cocoa and a good book this Christmas!

A SciFi Bundle called Past, Present, Future Happenings.
A Paranormal Bundle called Angels, Ghosts and Creepy Things. 
A NA Bundle called New Adult Variety. 
A Contemporary/Historical Bundle called Romantic Breeze. 

A Children Bundle called Children Bundle.  

 Casey Keen
I’ll Be Damned, Book #1 of the Anna Wolfe Series
 1- What is the name your main character?
Anna Wolfe
2-What kind of trouble does he/she get into?
Her sister is kidnapped and this is just the beginning of Anna’s journey and battle in the supernatural realm. Trouble chases her because of what she really is - a witch.
3- Why is this story different from others?
My story is different in that the plot has more unique elements. Anna’s a normal individual; until her world is suddenly shattered with the truth of what she really is - a Grand Witch - is exposed. I think readers can relate to her predicament with regards to life throwing a major curve ball.

Character questions:
1- If your main character were an animal, what kind would he/she be?
Gray Wolf - she is loyal to herself and her “pack” and fierce when she needs to be!
2- Is your character hot or cold?
She’s hot. Everything she does is for the safety of others.
3- Who or what does your character love?
She loves her family and being the owner of the coffee shop Déjà Brew in Savannah, GA.

Interview for Cerulean

Background questions:

What is the name of your main character?

Since my main character considers her given name an oddity and an embarrassment, let’s just call her Chey.

In Chey’s world, people inherit names chosen by their ancestors. When the first pioneers moved underwater, they selected names based on what they missed most from the Surface. Most residents chose names from nature, but Chey’s great-grandfather was more… unconventional. 

What kind of trouble does she get into?

Chey wants to follow the rules and conform to the others in her community, but she has begun to experience the depression that plagues her people. When she engages in rebellious behavior, such as sneaking into the open ocean, the exhilaration of the experiences fight off her looming depression.

Chey faces the impossible bind. Does she remain obedient, at the risk of succumbing to her depression, or does she continue to engage in acts that could be considered traitorous in nature?

Why is this story different from others?

Cerulean is a dystopia, and the novella features many typical dystopian elements: the remnants of a ravaged world, set in the near future; an authoritarian government system, with a hint of corruption; and a young heroine, not content to go along with the status quo.

Where it veers away from other dystopians is the setting. Cerulean explores what life might be like if the only safe places left in the world were in the oceans. Could humans adapt to an underwater life? What unexpected repercussions could come from spending one’s entire life under the water? 

Having a dystopia set underwater created an interesting dichotomy between the beauty and wonders within the ocean and the harsh reality of Chey’s life. 

Character questions:

If your main character were an animal, what kind would he/she be?

In my dystopian world, humans have partnered with the dolphins to survive. They have adapted Dolphin-speak in order to communicate in their underwater world and have created a pairing system to prevent humans from being the dominant species in the ocean. So at first glance, a dolphin seems the obvious choice. 

Yet, Chey is fascinated by the whales. She has studied their songs and learned to communicate with them. While she is fluent in several types of Whale-song, her favorite is the subversive lyrics of the Blues. Since Chey often is nonconforming herself, I think she would choose to be a blue whale. 

Is your character hot or cold?

Chey is really torn between the familiar cool waters of the ocean and the novelty of sunshine and land. When she is asked to choose between swimming and walking, the pull between her two worlds becomes evident. 

Here, along this abandoned beach, the best of two worlds collide. The freedom of gliding through the waters and the joy of running across land; the wonders found within the ocean and the warmth of the sunshine.

“Both,” I decide. We could run down the long stretch of beach, soaking in the sun, then dive into the cool waters while I seek out Haku. Is it greedy to want it all?

Who or what does your character love?

What a tricky question! When the book begins, Chey has lost nearly everyone she ever loved: her best friend, her parents. She only faces more loss as the story progresses. While there’s a romantic element to Cerulean, Chey’s very uncomfortable with touching and connectedness after living in the isolation of her underwater community her entire life. She’s not an insta-love type of heroine. 

So, my answer has to be novelty.  Chey takes immense pleasure in the tiniest new experiences. She finds wonder in the mundane. My favorite part of writing Cerulean was looking at the world through the eager eyes of my heroine and describing the ordinary in her poetic voice.


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