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A SEAL is strongest with her Team…
Ensign Christiana "Ghost" Brickman is the only female SEAL to survive BUD/S training, a real Navy Jane. But when an ambush ends her career as an active SEAL, she’s free to pursue other interests. Like her two best friends Lt. Jim "Retro" Waters and Chief Warrant Officer Todd "Magic" Hunter. She's wanted them for over a year, but never dared to approach them while in the squad.

Retro has fought his dark desires since high school, certain the need to share a woman unnatural. Magic had never considered sharing before Ghost mentions it, but it solves his dilemma of choosing between his best friend and his woman. But Retro balks at Ghost’s offer to share and retreats from both when she marries Magic.
Everyone feels Retro’s loss, but he ignores the ache of their broken connection in favor of living ‘normal.’ When Ghost and the other wives of Beta Squad are kidnapped, Retro must reevaluate how much both Ghost and Magic mean to him. And he must decide how far he's willing to go to save the woman he loves, before she becomes the Navy's ghost.

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There's always something sexy about a man in uniform. Having a whole book full of SEALs is about as sexy as you can get. Then there's Ghost. Her sex appeal is as much about her abilities to kick butt and take names as it is about being in uniform.

Ghost is the first Navy SEAL on Team 9. She's beautiful, small, and seemingly fragile, but look can be deceiving. She's made it through all the same hard training as the men. All the things other
s use to dismiss her make her a valuable asset. She's so good at her job that the bad guys never know she's there, hence her nickname. When an injury in the line of duty cuts her career short, Ghost has to find a new way to live. She starts by using her new-found freedom to admit her feelings to her two closest team mates. She loves them both equally.

One man, Magic, embraces her love immediately. He has no problems sharing the  woman he loves, as long as she's his. Who could ask for a more perfect mate? She understands his crazy schedule and inability to talk about his job. He can count on her to take care of herself when he's gone on missions. He knows her better than anyone else because he's fought should-to-shoulder with her for four years. happiness looms on his horizon.

The other, Retro, loves Ghost but is dealing with demons from his past. An overbearing father and pressures of traditional society make accepting Ghost's love difficult. He tried very hard to listen to his stern father's voice from the past, but the admonishments don't make him a better man. They make him miserable. Sharing his woman is his biggest kink and his greatest secret. It takes him a lot longer to find his way to happiness. Thankfully for him, SEALs are patient, and Ghost is as good a SEAL as the rest of them.

I couldn't put this one down. There action and great plot. The sex is hot and the emotion strong. Most of us can relate to the nagging voice in our heads from the past telling us things that make us unhappy. The language and sex is graphic, meaning you should be wary of taking this one to work. This is the perfect book for snuggling up by the fire with a glass of wine and spending the evening with a couple of book boyfriends. This one is four and half stars all the way!

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