Friday, February 28, 2014


Tightening the Ropes (Dark Days Ranch 2)
Knox has guarded his heart from ever getting close to anyone. Intelligence work was supposed to keep him away from people, but a pull to be closer to the ranch leads him to discover Lewis. With one look at the horse trainer, Knox can feel the walls he’s put up begin to crumble. The damage only gets worse when he gets pulled over by Officer Lynna Gordova. Upon sight, he knows the three are meant to be together.
But things aren’t as they appear with Lynna. What led her into law enforcement so long ago has returned in the form of their rival enemy. As things heat up between Dark Days and Hidden Hills, the three of them are thrown right into the middle of a fight Knox isn’t sure he’s ready for. Will the Alpha in him be ready to step up to the plate, or will Lynna’s long lost brother be able to convince her that his corrupt plans for her are in Lynna’s best interest?


Lynn is a human on the local police force. Lewis is a human working on the Dark Days Ranch. know is a werewolf intelligence agent for the Dark Days Pack. The three come together to form a bond that pushes them into an adventure no one expected. In this case, the adventure involves a vampire.

I like the premise of Tightening the Ropes. I did have a bit of trouble with how easily Lynna let go of her training as a cop to give into the magic. It's not a bad story or a badly written story. I've known a lot of cops. They tend to be no nonsense and very practical. They would struggle a bit more with the magic before giving in to it. Once I set aside my misgivings about Lynna, the rest of the story went by without much of a hitch.

Knox's abused past make loving and being loved a difficult thing. Only a great deal of patience and care on the part of his bonded partners can save him. We get to see the big tough loner turn into a real hero. Lewis and Lynna bring out the best in him.

Then there's Lewis. He's the steady glue holding it all together. We've all meet those sort of people. They're good at being the calming factor, the rock everyone leans one, and the one friend to call in a crisis. Although he is a human in a werewolf world, he takes the whole notion in great stride. Lewis turns out to be one of my favorite characters in the story.

I enjoyed the tension and Knox's anxiety. Those moments where he struggles with himself over his past and what it means for his future are insightful and interesting. The sex scenes certainly did raise the temperature of the room a few degrees. The ending leaves the reader with a happily-ever-after with an edge. The broken Knox becomes a healer. It's a nice touch. I give Tightening the Ropes 3.5 stars!

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