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About the Series:
The Sig Woods Series is based on a teen fantasy series by Y. Pushkin.
Sig Woods is a young boy who discovers he can control the element of nature.  The first book in the series, Sig Woods and the Book of Elements takes you on a journey as Sig and his good friend, Ellie go on a mission to find the mysterious Book of Elements.

A young boy discovers the power to control nature. He must band together with friends to find the all-powerful Book of Elements.

About the Author:
Y. Pushkin is a native of Leningrad, Russia, but grew up in the United States. His first book, Sig Woods and the Book of Elements, is the first of a series called, Sig Woods. Y. Pushkin draws his inspiration for writing through nature, relaxation, meditation, and good company.

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Sig Woods makes a great story for younger fantasy fans. We start off with an average teenage boy. he lives with his scientist father and baker mother. The girl next door is his first real crush, and he's not sure what to do about her. What Sig doesn't know is he possesses supernatural power.

The story follows Sig along his adventure to finding the Book of Elements. Be patient there's a lot of back story that goes on before the venture actually takes place. He and Ellie, the girl next door, both find they have a special connection to nature. Sig is in tune with the Earth and Ellie with water. Together, with the help of  their magical mentor Dietrich, they go in search of the book, hoping to find it before the bad guys do.

This would make a book for older kids, tweens, and early teens. If your reader was fond of the Percy Jackson series, this might appeal to them. The language is very G-rated, and there are no graphic issues to deal with. Giving this to your kids isn't going to raise any uncomfortable questions. As an adult reader, this is a quick book for those short lunch breaks. No one looking over your shoulder can complain. It is my understanding that there will be a re-edit of this book. This may or may not include extra material I was not given as a part of my review copy. As of now, I can safely say this is a young reader gift. I give it 3 stars.


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