Sunday, January 5, 2014


Jenny May joins me today with a look at the Dark Days Ranch series! Cowboys and menage? Oh my! Take it away, Jenny!
Break Me In (Dark Days Ranch 1)
Myles Baker thinks she has everything under control. That is, until she meets her mates, Logan Harrison and Ty. Paired with a human, and member of the enemy pack, Myles knows that things are about to get complicated for Dark Days. But that’s only the beginning of her problems. There’s a scandal that lies deep within Dark Days Ranch, and for years Myles and her brother have been able to hide it. But it’s only a matter of time before everything is exposed, and the true leader of Dark Days is revealed.
Between Ty and Logan, they’re quickly learning the secrets to their new pack. But they have trouble of their own. Logan isn’t who he seems, and Ty is dealing with his evil ex-Alpha, Samone. Can these three overcome their problems before everything catches up with them, or will Samone, the Alpha of Whiskey River Ranch, accomplish her take down of Dark Days?

Tightening the Ropes (Dark Days Ranch 2)
Knox has guarded his heart from ever getting close to anyone. Intelligence work was supposed to keep him away from people, but a pull to be closer to the ranch leads him to discover Lewis. With one look at the horse trainer, Knox can feel the walls he’s put up begin to crumble. The damage only gets worse when he gets pulled over by Officer Lynna Gordova. Upon sight, he knows the three are meant to be together.
But things aren’t as they appear with Lynna. What led her into law enforcement so long ago has returned in the form of their rival enemy. As things heat up between Dark Days and Hidden Hills, the three of them are thrown right into the middle of a fight Knox isn’t sure he’s ready for. Will the Alpha in him be ready to step up to the plate, or will Lynna’s long lost brother be able to convince her that his corrupt plans for her are in Lynna’s best interest?

Crack The Whip (Dark Days Ranch 3)
Georgina’s seen both the good and the bad that comes from having mates. The love the bonding creates lasts a lifetime. But that’s just it. After she watches her mother die of a broken heart, the anxiety Georgina develops over bonding to Damien and Austin is well warranted. Can she get over her fear, or will she keep the pact with her brother that they’re better off alone?
Damien and Austin know they have to bring Georgina around to being their mate. After all, Damien sees the perfect submissive that Georgina is, and he wants her to embrace the life she’s been ordered to live by their alpha. But as things heat up between the three of them, a plea for Damien to take over The Big C leaves him with a tough decision. Does he try to become the alpha he’s always known himself to be, and risk making Georgina’s fear of losing one of her mates a possible reality? Or does he walk away from it all and face the consequences?
Taking the Reins (Dark Days Ranch 4)

Zara is the future alpha to Triple Z. When she discovers Rogue and Cooper hiding in her barn, she instantly knows they’re meant to be mated. But she’s gone down this road before and miraculously survived the loss. Can she risk her heart to mates, again? Especially one who wants her birthright? Or will Zara do what she does best and push them away?
Triple Z is in need of a new alpha, and Rogue is all too willing to step up and make things safer for Dark Days and the rest of their surrounding territories. But when he realizes one of his mates is the daughter to his enemy, things heat up, fast. Can he step up to the role as Triple Z’s leader, or will his duty to his mate overshadow his obligations to his pack?

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