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Mainstream Historical Romance
Erotic Heat Level – Sensual, mild sexual scenes

On a trip to Port Royal to help her brother and his wife, Lady Candice Drake’s life takes her on a journey of shipwrecks, injury, privateers, and intrigue.  After washing up on the beach of a Caribbean island she finds herself falling in love with the man who rescued her, Captain Daniel Roarke.  Even though a marriage has been arranged, she can’t help but love this man.

A sugarcane plantation owner, Daniel also has a secret that could destroy everyone he touches.  He carries Marque, papers of permission for privateering, from Queen Anne to capture ships from the Spanish Armada.

On their way to take Candice to her brother after her recovery, the real adventure of love and treachery begins.

Story Excerpt

The first day was uneventful as they sailed northwest. Claustrophobia weighed heavily upon Candice as she first entered the spacious Captain’s quarters at the aft of the ship, or perhaps it was apprehension at the reminder of what happed to her onboard the previous ship, so she stayed on deck as much as possible. This time she brought some of Daniel’s books with her to occupy her time, though she did enjoy watching the men perform their assigned tasks and she also had Cocoa to entertain her.

Surprise presented itself when right before the ship pulled out of the canal that Daniel released his shrill whistle and Cocoa swung from the trees nearby and onto the main-mast, where he lithely climbed down the rigging to the Captain’s shoulder. He didn’t remain with Daniel for long when he saw Candice sitting on a barrel near the door of the Captain’s quarters. Engrossed in the book she was reading, she didn’t see him scamper over to her until he climbed up on a wooden crate next to the barrel and put his tiny hand on the book, trying to get her attention. Closing the book, she let the small creature climb into her lap where she absent-mindedly petted him as she watched the crew.

At sunset, Daniel and Candice retreated to his quarters where she remained close to the door at all times, which did not go unnoticed by the Captain. Not wanting to add any pressure, he remained quiet about it. He knew that what she had gone through was very traumatic and there wasn’t any sense in placing any more on her by bringing it up. They dressed for supper, which was soon brought in by the chef and the cabin boy.

The chef was a short black man whose rotund stature spoke well of his culinary abilities. The cabin boy, Arthur, was about fourteen or fifteen years old with dark unruly hair and sparkling ice blue eyes. He spoke very little, and when he did, it was barely more than a whisper, as if afraid to talk. He looked as if he were afraid of everyone and very much alone. Candice was concerned for his welfare and his future. Who would let their child work on a ship at such a young age, she thought.

Supper was laid out on the table which was usually used as a desk, which sat in front of the large bay of windows at the rear of the room, a white tablecloth preparing it into a table. A Turin of soup, a platter of meat and a large bowl of fruit adorned the table, along with a fresh loaf of bread and a pitcher of wine, which Arthur began to pour into the wine goblets at each of the three place settings. When James entered, the two men immediately sat at the table, ready to eat after a strenuous day on deck.

As if realizing Candice wasn’t joining them, Daniel stood and strode to her side. Hands wringing and sweat dotting her brow, her panic attack was evident. Taking her hands in his he kissed her cheek.

Knowing James was watching, Daniel spoke lowly as not to embarrass her. “Love, I know you are frightened and rightfully so, but know that should anything happen, I will do whatever I can to keep you safe. Out here on the ocean, things can change in a minute and we don’t always have control over them, but I promise to try my best to keep you safe.”

Looking into his eyes, she believed him, and she knew that the accident wasn’t anyone’s fault, but she was still apprehensive. She had almost died the last time, and really didn’t wish to repeat that, but she also knew that he would try to keep her safe. A timid smile caught her lips as she let him lead her to the table, which was only ten steps, where she sat opposite the quartermaster with Daniel at the end between them.

The meal was surprisingly good, Candice found to her delight. Apparently not every ship has an ill-mannered crew and bad food. She found she didn’t have to drink so much wine to obscure the taste of the fare and then be on the verge of drunkenness by the end of the night. After dinner, she remained at the table while Daniel and James spoke of the day’s work while smoking cigars, which she had grown accustomed to the aroma.

As a bell on deck marked the time, James excused himself while Arthur cleared the table. When he was finished and the door closed behind him, Candice stood, looked at the bed, which was a lot smaller than the bed that occupied Daniel’s room at the house and then wondered where she would sleep since she was not shown separate quarters. Daniel saw her appraisal of the situation and smiled.

“Now you don’t think I would let you sleep elsewhere where my men could try to steal you away from me, do you?”

Published by Secret Cravings Publishing

My alter ego Janice Greenlee's mainstream historical novel MARQUE OF SEDUCTION is available!  @ http://www.secretcravingspublishing

Janice Greenlee lives in the beautiful state of Washington after recently relocating from California. Leaving her friends and family, she was able to begin a new chapter in her life by submitting her first novel, Lyndee’s Saviors, and subsequently having it published.  Falling in love after reading her first romance novel, she knew was hooked from that moment and knew writing was embedded in her. Being able to create interesting characters and provide them with love, lust, and mind-blowing sex along with those unexpected twists, is like welcoming new family members into the fold.

Writing under the pen name of Eileen Green, Janice publishes erotic novels through Siren Publishing.  You can check out her website,

Writing is Janice’s main hobby though she enjoys the outdoors when she can find spare time away from the computer. She enjoys finding the beauty in things, whether it is in nature or even the human body. A people watcher, she admits to enjoying just watching people and their nuances in the one place people can really be themselves…Disneyland, for even in the Happiest Place on Earth, she is unable to turn off the creative switch in her head. Many a character has been created in her mind while people-watching.

For the quirkier side of Janice, anytime of the year you can find her watching Christmas movies or even singing Christmas carols. If her family didn’t threaten to commit her, she admits she would have Christmas decorations up all year long. How does she get away with some of those decorations sticking around? Coca-Cola decorations adorn her kitchen, and what are Coca-Cola decorations without a few Santa’s on them?

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