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It’s been a month since Sarah Marshall was kidnapped and held at knife-point by her ex-fiance.  But Jesse Colter and Adam Sinclair, her two loving Doms, know that there is an even deadlier threat still out there—Ryder Malone.

He blames both Sarah and Jesse for sending him to prison eight years ago for attempted rape, and he’s determined to make them pay.  So, he begins a systematic campaign of terror and intimidation against them.  But the danger he poses doesn’t end there.
Set against the deepening love and commitment between Sarah, Jesse, and Adam, Owning Sarah is more than just a sexy, sensual, BDSM love story.  It is a harrowing race against time for Jesse, Adam, and a team of former SEALs to stop one of the biggest arms-for-drugs deals in U.S. history.  And to rescue Sarah before Malone sells her to a human trafficker and she’s lost to her men forever.

Owning Sarah, Story Excerpt
Maggie reached out to grab the check, but a quelling look from Jesse had her drawing back her hand. “I see what you mean,” she murmured as they were getting back into the car. “Definitely bossy.”
Sarah giggled. “Oh, God, you don’t know the half of it.”
“Does he bite?”
“Um…”Sarah’s cheeks flamed, and it was Cassie and Maggie’s turn to giggle.
Jesse ahemed loudly. “If you ladies are finished assassinatin’ my character, may I ask where we’re goin’?”
“Oh, right. We’re meeting Lisa and Heather in an hour at the bridal salon in Williamsburg.” Sarah gave him the name and address of the store, watching him enter it into his Onstar before merging onto I-64 and heading east.
Lisa and Heather were already there when Jesse finally pulled into a parking spot right in front of the historic old building that housed the salon. For the next three hours the five women bonded over a veritable flurry of gorgeous gowns and dresses. Although, initially, Lisa’s goth looks drew a few stares and more than one raised eyebrow from the shop’s other patrons, she was still a giggly girl at heart and threw herself wholeheartedly into the spirit of the occasion. Despite their widely disparate backgrounds, the women found they had a lot in common, not the least of which was their love and admiration for Sarah Marshall.
Adam and Jesse stood back, arms folded across their chests, watching the goings-on in mild amusement. The first four gowns Sarah tried on and modeled for them were lovely, but nothing special in their opinion. Not nearly special enough for the love of their life, although they assured her she looked spectacular in each one. It wasn’t until she walked slowly out of the dressing room wearing the fifth gown that their hearts plummeted to the floor before jerking back up and spinning like yo-yos. As soon as they saw the beatific smile on her face, they knew she’d found the gown of her dreams. It was a strapless, close-fitting, ivory peau de soie that hugged all her curves before flaring slightly below the hips to fall gracefully to the floor. It was beaded all over in a simple, subtle pattern of vines and flowers. Instead of a veil she wore a coronet of silk freesias, orange blossoms, stephanotis, and daisies, Sarah’s favorite flower.
Not that Jesse and Adam knew any of that. Nor did they care. All they cared about was that she looked so exquisite, so elegant, so ethereal standing there looking up at them hesitantly, neither man could control the emotions tightening their chests, nor the sting of sudden tears in their eyes.
Fighting the lump in his throat, Jesse dropped his arms and strode over to her, pulling her gently, almost reverently into his arms. “God, sugar, I love you so much. I’ve never seen anythin’ more beautiful in my life than you in this dress. I can’t wait to see you walkin’ down the aisle toward me,” he whispered. Lifting a hand to wipe the tear from her cheek with his thumb, he threaded his fingers through her hair and palmed the side of her face. After staring at her for what seemed like forever, he lowered his head, barely touching his lips to hers in a kiss that sank deep into her soul, robbing her of her ability to think. A kiss that went on and on, holding everyone else in the salon in thrall, as if a binding spell had been cast upon them.
When he finally lifted his head, the room seemed to sigh as he stepped aside to let Adam take his place. His kiss was just as reverent, just as arousing, just as adoring as Jesse’s, and as it lengthened, one of the bridal consultants, whose name tag said Debbie, poked her elbow into Maggie’s side. “Where do I get me one of those?” she asked out of the side of her mouth.
“Wish I knew,” Maggie replied.
“So, which one is she marrying?” the other consultant whispered curiously, neither of them taking their eyes off of the kissing couple, both pairs of eyes widening as Jesse stepped up behind Sarah and put his arms around her, sandwiching her between them.
A chorus of feminine “Oo-o-o-hs ” soughed around the room.
“Well, that’s hardly fair.” Debbie said, sounding a bit miffed.
Maggie grimaced. “Tell me about it.”
Finally, Adam raised his head and grinned down at the lovely woman looking at him with a dazed expression. Her lips were kiss-swollen and slightly parted as her breaths came in short, trembling sighs. Applause broke out all around the salon, along with a few wolf whistles. “We seem to be attracting attention, sweet pea,” Adam said, lifting his head to glance around the room.
“Huh?” It was all she was capable of. Her ability to form words into sentences, something she had excelled at not twenty minutes earlier, seemed to have deserted her.
Adam laughed and both men released her. “Looks like you’ve found your weddin’ gown, baby,” Jesse said.
“You really like it?” she asked, although she knew the answer. She’d known the minute she’d seen the looks on their faces as she’d walked toward them wearing this gown. She was just fishing for compliments. A gal could never get too many compliments.
“The only thing we’ll like better than seein’ you in that dress on our weddin’ day,” Jesse murmured softly, “is takin’ you out of it on our weddin’ night.”
“Another thing to look forward to,” Adam added with a wicked grin.

She awoke to slabs of sunlight falling across the chocolate-brown, satin-striped comforter that had been thrown over her. She was lying on her left side. Adam was behind her, cradling her buttocks against his groin, his arm tight around her, one hand cupping her breast possessively. His erect penis nestled against her lower spine.
Adam sensed her transition into wakefulness. “Hey, sweet pea. Have a nice sleep?”
“So it would seem.” Her body tightened in a condensed stretch. “Where’s Jesse?”
“Still at the hospital. Ogre just woke up, so Jesse’s questioning him.”
She snuggled her butt tighter against him. He was as naked as she was. And completely, totally aroused. His cock was like a baseball bat pressed into the crease of her ass.
He kissed the soft, warm skin of her neck. It felt like liquid satin against his lips. “Christ, sweet pea, you’re so soft. Softer than whipped cream. And you smell so sweet.” He lifted his hand from her breast and clenched it in the shiny brown mass of her hair, pulling it to his face and inhaling deeply. “So fucking sweet.”
She turned around in his embrace until she was facing him. He pulled her against him and she could feel his rock-hard cock pulsing and straining against her belly. Cradling the side of her face, fingers still tangled in the silken strands of her hair, he claimed her mouth in a deep, drugging kiss. A kiss that stole the breath from her lungs and sent fire raging throughout her system.
When he released her, she was shaking with a need so powerful she feared it would destroy her. He opened his eyes and devoured her with his hungry gaze.
“How soon will Jesse be back?” she asked, not daring to breathe.
“Not for hours.” He ducked his head to kiss her nose. “He’s giving us this time, love. Time for us to be alone. Just the two of us. So, let’s not be Master and sub for a while. Let’s just be Adam and Sarah.”
“Fine,” she said cheekily. “As long as I get to be Sarah.”
He laughed. “You can be anybody you want. As long as you’re mine.”
“I am yours, Adam. You own me. You and Jesse.” She arched hard against him, feeling his erection thickening and growing between them. Her hand reached up to trace his aquiline nose, noticing for the first time, the tiny, indented scar nearly hidden by his eyebrow. She touched it gently. “Stray bullet?”
“A rock.”
Her hand stilled. “Afghanistan?”
“Millard Fillmore Elementary School. Third grade.”
She laughed, her gaze following her questing fingers as they traveled across his golden blond eyebrows, down the smooth slope of his cheek. Then her fingers flattened and curved around his neck and up to follow the perfect shape of his head, stroking his curls, shining like gold in the slanting sunlight, warm and soft to her touch.
When she’d completed the circuit, she lifted her gaze to his. They stared into each other’s eyes, feeling rather than seeing each other’s skin flush dark with arousal. Hearing rather than seeing the sudden labored quality of their breathing. Without moving, without speaking, they both knew what was coming next.
“Are you going to fuck me, Adam?” she asked quietly.
He shook his head. “No, angel. I’m going to make love to you.”
She closed her eyes. A shivery little moan of anticipation left her throat.
He took her mouth again, thrusting his tongue into her moist, warm cavern, savoring the sweetness of her honey. He drank from her like a parched man drinks from a cool mountain spring in a desperate effort to slake his thirst. A thirst he knew could never be slaked.
No matter how many times he took her, no matter how many times they made love, it would never be enough. His need for her was a vast and endless yearning that could never be satisfied. Not even in a million years of loving. She was his life. His light. His joy. She was the very air that he breathed. Without her his soul would wither and die. “I love you, Sarah. More than I’ll ever be able to tell you in a million lifetimes.” The words were ripped from his heart. “You’ve given me something so precious, I would die if it were ever taken from me. Something I’ve never had before.”
At her questioning look, he speared his fingers through her hair, cradling the side of her face in his large hand. “You, angel. You’ve given me you. And with that one gift, you’ve given me everything a man could ever want—love. Happiness. A haven…a home.” Then his mouth was on hers in a crushing kiss that awoke every nerve ending in her body.
She responded by pressing against him, tiny little mewls of pleasure issuing from her throat as she returned each stroking jab of his tongue with one of her own. They were still kissing when he rolled her onto her back, covering her breast once more, rubbing his palm abrasively over the hard nub of her nipple. Her mewling cries turned into outright moans as pleasure slashed through her.
He lifted his head to look down at her. His gaze was hard. Hot. Hungry. “Are you ready for me, sweet pea? Are you wet and dripping for me?”
“Y-yes.” She was wet, dripping all down the insides of her thighs onto the sheet.
“Is your body aching to join with mine? Aching for my possession?” His eyes were glittering with white-hot arousal.
“Y-yes.” It was a low moan, swallowed, as she sucked in her breath. Her belly clenched, hot cream was pouring from her in a tide. When she finally found her voice, she didn’t recognize it as her own. “Yes, my darling. I am ready for you. Aching for you.”
“Spread your legs, Sarah mine,” he ordered. His voice was harsh, but not with anger. With need. Hot, destructive need. Need that flamed in the blue depths of his eyes as they looked at her. Devoured her. Incinerated her.

Julie has always loved stories, both reading and writing them. A career as a children’s librarian eventually led to her dream career as a freelance storyteller and puppeteer, a business she operated successfully for twenty-five years.  During that time she created and wrote all the original material for a monthly language arts resource newsletter for early childhood educators.  For that endeavor she won the prestigious EDPRESS Award, given by the Educational Press Association of America.  She has also written other resource materials for preschool and early elementary teachers.
Now she writes erotic romances, thus following the basic children’s-performer-to-erotica-author career path blazed by so many of her fellow writers.

Loving Sarah, my first book, started with a name.  Jesse Colter.  As soon as it appeared in my mind I knew that I would have to write a book about a man named Jesse Colter. I couldn’t stop thinking about him.  What would someone named Jesse Colter look like?  Smell like?  Sound like?  Be like?  For months I let him take shape in my thoughts until I felt I knew everything about him.  He’s 6’3”, black hair, half Native American. with skin the color of the sun shining on polished bronze, eyes so dark they look black.  Aquiline nose, high cheekbones, and a square jaw, give his face a dark, brooding sort of nobility.  He’s strong, stalwart, a man of honor and integrity.  He exudes power and sensuality, commanding any room he enters.
He survived a horrendous childhood, with no mother and an abusive, alcoholic father who used him as a punching bag, At age nineteen, he was in a downward spiral, heading for a bleak, uncertain future.
And that’s when he met Sarah Marshall.  She was just thirteen when he came running across the lawn to rescue her from a thirty-foot fall out of a tree.  Their bond was instantaneous and unbreakable.  They couldn’t have been more different—she was the daughter of a judge, descendant of English aristocrats, raised in the lap of luxury, he was the mixed blood, illegitimate son of a native American prostitute and the town drunk.
I felt compelled to tell his and Sarah’s story.  But stories often have a way of being hijacked by their own characters and Loving Sarah was no exception.  Imagine my surprise to learn that Jesse Colter was a Dom.  That his best friend, another Dom, was also in love with Sarah.  That after eight years of being a Navy SEAL, Jesse was determined to claim Sarah as his forever submissive, no matter what it took.  Jesse Colter took over his own story, and by the time I realized that I couldn’t possibly do him justice in only one book, it was too late.  I had too much material.  To keep the finished book to a reasonable size (say, under eighty pounds) I was going to have to (gasp) leave stuff out! 
Now, asking an author to leave stuff out is like asking an Olympic runner to cut off a leg.  But that’s what I was faced with when, all of a sudden…(harp music, rays of sunlight beaming through clouds)…the thought occurred to me.  Why not let Jesse tell his story over two books?  That way I not only wouldn’t have to leave stuff out, I could write even more stuff!  Win-win, right? (Big thumbs up). J
Hence, the upcoming publication (September 25) of Owning Sarah, the long-awaited sequel to Loving Sarah.  Both books are Siren M/f/M Menage Amours, BDSM Collection, both have a Heat Rating of Sextreme.  Owning Sarah is available NOW for pre-order at a 15% discount at  The award winning Loving Sarah is available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobobooks, GooglePlay, Sony and Siren Publishers.  (See links below).
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