Wednesday, September 18, 2013


The Men of PUMP: Grand Opening [#1]

      He does just that with Kip Hayes, a blond hair, blue-eyed construction worker with broad shoulders, a tight, lean waist, and plenty of emotional baggage, namely his son, Noah. The last thing Garrett needs is taking on more responsibility. But why is he entertaining the idea of a relationship with a man who is flat broke, has a less than accommodating ex and a child under the age of three? And on top of everything else, his best friends and co-owners of PUMP are falling in love, threatening to make a mess of a very good thing.
      When Garrett had dreamed of owning a gym, for some reason his dream was just a little bit different than the reality. But sometimes life’s happily ever after includes more than just your own.

A PUMP [#1] Novella. The beginning to a very sexy series.

This book of Male/Male Erotic Romance is intended for mature audiences due to strong language and sexual content.
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The Men of PUMP: Hit It Hard [#2]

Who knew that opening a gym would take so much work? Garrett Kross didn’t. But it isn’t the running of the gym that consumes most of his time, but the staff. Now that he’s in a relationship with the hot and hunky, Kip Hayes and his two best friends and co-owners at PUMP, Brandon Bliss, and Mateo Carrasco are happily dating, everything should be perfect, right? But when there is this much testosterone in one space, all bets are off where the young, the gay, the salacious, and the horny in Tampa, Florida go to get PUMPED.

A PUMP [#2] Novella [Longer length novella]. The continuation of the sexy new series about the trials and tribulations of the young, the gay, and the smokin’ hot set in Tampa, Florida.

Alex Carreras writes from Sarasota, Florida about sexy men in compromising positions while he dreams of living in a cold but still cozy village somewhere in the United Kingdom. Check out his website at, he would love to hear from you.

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