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"Please Handle Me Carefully For I Have Been Broken" follows several fictionalized characters as they deal with the spirit of rejection. Flabia Thembeka, a minister, wants readers to gain some insight on how abuse and rejection go hand and hand. While you travel through these pages, her desire is to show you that you’re not alone. There is help available for you to repair the brokenness in your life, and to become whole for the first time in your life.

I wasn't sure what to expect when asked to review this book. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. Ms. Thembeka gives a good lesson of the consequences of rejecting our fellow human beings and the ripple effects it can create. Her five short narratives reminded me of the parables from the Gospels and were fine examples of the brokenness created by rejection. I found her view points to be both insightful and easy to identify with. When haven't each of us been rejected by someone, either a loved one or a stranger?
This book would make a wonderful addition to any bookshelf. I find this to be a book for all ages and stages of life. It is very Christian oriented, as the author is a minister, but it speaks more about the power of the human spirit that I think those of all walks of life can relate to. I give Please Handle Me Carefully For I Have Been Broken 4 stars!

Flabia Thembeka is a minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ. She has been teaching the Word of God for over eighteen years and counting. Her willingness is to be used transparently by the Holy Spirit in an evangelic ministry, be it a one-on-one situation or from the pulpit of a church. Her heart’s desire is to take and share her healing discoveries with the multitudes.  Flabia has a lot to say to those who are or have been broken.  She has discovered the secret healing power for all the souls who have dealt with or have suffered at the hands of these horrendous spirits. Her love for God has given her a sincere love for His people. Her commission in life is helping others to know the Word of God inside and out, to help the helpless and the hopeless through God’s life-giving and life-changing Word. 

She is the mother of three and of many more whom God has blessed her with through her ministry. Flabia lives in the Chicago suburbs.

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