Sunday, June 22, 2014


I have one word for Art and Seduction: HOT! While really to short to give you a synopsis without giving away to much of the plot, I will say the characters have some amazing chemistry. That kitchen scene alone is worth re-reading! Just thinking about it brought my temperature up a few degrees!
I would recommend this one to any adult, erotic romance fan. You don't want to miss this one on your e-reader! I give Art and Seduction 4.5 stars!

About the Author:
I was born in Burbank, California, sometime after the Age of Aquarius but before the Reagan Administration.  I’ve lived in Pennsylvania, the beautiful Pacific Northwest and currently reside in the middle of Texas…for the moment. Not really sure how I got here. I think I may have taken a wrong turn at Albuquerque.
I started writing when I was ten or eleven, continued up through junior high (yes, I’m old enough to refer to it in that regard. What is this middle-school rubbish?), high school and into college before life got in the way. I took a long hiatus, attended the University of Hard Knocks but gained a ton of life experience in the process. I rediscovered my passion around the time I returned to school to finish my degree.  My warped outlook now allows me to bring a cynicism and dry wit to my work, which I love, even if I’m occasionally on the receiving end of a blank stare.
My first published piece, Friendly Temptation, came by way of a wonderful editor, Arial, who decided to take a chance on me.  She made the whole process a great experience and I am happily indebted!  My current story, Art & Seduction, came to be with the help of my current awesome editor, Trish, whom I also owe a huge round of thanks. Both ladies rock!
I share my life with my husband of twenty-one years, two awesome kids, one neurotic but lovable hound dog, an equally neurotic cat (courtesy of the dog), a chill rat, a sweet guinea pig and some indifferent fish.

--Elaine <3

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