Wednesday, October 2, 2013


Garrett Kross is finally living his life long dream of opening a gym in his hometown of Tampa, Florida along with his high school friends, Mateo Carrasco, and Brandon Bliss. Between training clients and workouts, Garrett hopes to find time for some extracurricular activities of his own which hopefully include a hot shower with an even hotter guy.
He does just that with Kip Hayes, a blond hair, blue-eyed construction worker with broad shoulders, a tight, lean waist, and plenty of emotional baggage, namely his son, Noah. The last thing Garrett needs is taking on more responsibility. But why is he entertaining the idea of a relationship with a man that is flat broke, has a less than accommodating ex and a child under the age of three? And on top of everything else, his best friends and co-owners of PUMP are falling in love, threatening to make a mess of a very good thing.
When Garrett had dreamed of owning a gym, for some reason his dream was just a little bit different than the reality. But sometimes life’s happily ever after includes more than just your own.

A PUMP [#1] Novella. The beginning to a very sexy series.

Oh, my! Carreras certainly does deliver a steamy story. The men sound like complete eye candy. *sigh* To think that if those character were real, I wouldn't have a snowball's chance in Hades of turning their heads was sad. They're just not on my team but lucky Kip! They're on his!

This novella looks at a trio of chums who open a gym. Surrounded by buff bodies and a steady stream of new clients to choose from, playboy Garrett Kross is looking to play the field. What he finds is more than a one night stand.

I really liked how Garrett and Kip just can't manage to stay away from each other. They each try to go their own way more than once, but the universe just won't let them. Each man comes with his own hang ups and baggage, the biggest being Kip's son Noah.That certainly spooked Garrett. Somehow, those things don't matter in the end and kismet happens.

It was nice to see the side romances going on with the other two gym owners. The flirting and glimpses of the past set up a number of follow up story scenarios. I'm sure we can look forward to more from these two.

The story line flowed well and the seemed plausible. The language is suitable of a variety of audience ages. This is gay romance. Use your best judgement when selecting this as a book to read on break at work. Snuggling up with a glass of wine and this novella would certainly be an interesting way to spend your evening. Don't forget to look for The Men of Pump 2!

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