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 [Ménage Amour: Erotic Ménage a Quatre Romantic Suspense, M/F/M/M, bondage, spanking, flogging, HEA] After escaping certain death by her psychotic captor who is a cop gone bad, Lyndee Dwyer, an undercover agent, is discovered by Montana ranch owners Storm and Trey Goodall and their cousin Austin Lighthorse, the most gorgeous men she has ever seen. Suffering from amnesia and the idea of a disrespectable career, her body responds to them, not just sexually, but emotionally as well. None of the men believe she is who she thinks she is and will do everything they possibly can to prove her wrong.
The three men introduce Lyndee to their ménage lifestyle while helping her regain her memory. Once she remembers who she is, they and their men have an old-fashioned showdown with the cop and the Russian mob that want her dead. Can they protect her from the dangers that plague her along with convincing her to stay with them forever?
Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among the men.


I enjoyed Lyndee's Saviors. To be honest this was my first menage book with more than two men. I wasn't entirely sure how I would feel about the set up, but Eileen Green made it work beautifully. The scenes were sensual and yet explicit. Nothing was left to the imagination, but you get the sense that Lyndee will be cherished by her three suitors.
The story line was interesting, a lost woman suffering from amnesia and being chased. Three caring men willing to play nurse-maid, even if for self-serving reasons, was a nice touch. Seeing a frightened, damsel-in-distress turn back into a confident in-charge women was fun. The dialog flows and the conflicts, both internal and external, make for an interesting read.
Because of the nature of the book, I'm going to recommend this one for some alone time when no one is likely to be looking over your shoulder. It's definitely not safe for work. Curl up with your glass of wine in your favorite reading spot and give Lyndee's Savior a try.


Leaning up, Austin tipped her chin up with a finger and captured her lips in his. His tongue plied for entrance, which was granted as her mouth opened to his. His tongue swept the inside of her mouth, not missing an inch as if he was trying to memorize her. Behind her Trey’s mouth left the rosebud of her ass and warm lube was being applied to the area generously. A finger slipped in through the tight muscle and moved in and out several times before another one was added. Austin absorbed her moans in his mouth as he wrapped his large arms around her waist, holding onto her tightly.

Being held in this large man’s arms made her feel so secure, and she loved how all of them were so protective of her but also so tender and loving. They made love to her as if she was the only woman in the world, and after watching prostitutes getting screwed by man after man she cherished their attention and love. She only wished every woman could feel like this.

Lyndee’s tongue danced with Austin’s as Trey’s fingers disappeared from her rosebud, and she felt the hard tip of his cock at her entrance. Knowing now what to expect, she bore down on him as he slipped through the pink ring of muscle that was exposed after his ministrations with his fingers. Inching his way in, she pulled from Austin’s mouth and arched her back, savoring the feeling of her dark channel’s invasion.

Trey inched his way in as his hand grasped her cheeks, holding onto them tightly. When he was fully seated Storm raised her slightly in his arms as Austin held his thick, hard cock up to line up with her weeping pussy. Letting her down easy, he still held her so she wouldn’t take him fully at once, letting her get used to the full feeling of two hot cocks in her. When each cock was filling her beyond belief, she sighed contentedly as she laid her hands on Austin’s defined chest to hold herself up while Trey grasped her braid and pulled on it.

The men began to move, seesawing in and out of her holes while Storm pulled her head over and ran his hard cock across her lips, painting them with his pre-cum. Licking her lips of the proffered taste of Storm, she heard him growl as the other two fucked both her nether holes. Her tongue shot out and caressed the V of underside of the mushroom head at her lips before moving upward to the hole at its tip. He hissed at the touch of her tongue as it tried to dig into the hole before she pulled back and let her tongue run down the length of his hot swollen cock.

“Oh, geez,” Storm hissed before he aimed his dick at her mouth and shoved it in until it touched the back of her throat. Surprise registered on her flushed face and she swallowed around the girth of it and she heard him hiss again. Glancing up at him, she saw that his head was thrown back in his ecstasy, his eyes closed. Moving her head back and forth, she fucked his dick as Austin and Trey moved in her tight holes.

Her pelvic bone felt as if it was being split but the pressure and the heat there began to build as the men moved within her depths even faster. Panting was coming from all four of them as they were building toward that epic release. Austin reached down and found her clit, squeezing the swollen nub. The dam burst within Lyndee’s pussy first as her climax rocketed through her body, causing it to become rigid, her cunt clamping down on their cocks as she screamed out around Storm’s dick.

Austin shot his seed deep within her pussy, scalding her depths with the heat of it. Trey was next to cum as he shot hot streams of jism into her forbidden hole. The heat of both men’s seed caused her orgasm to continue as Storm released himself, his thick cum flooding her throat. She tried to swallow as much as she could as she rode the tidal wave of orgasm, though some leaked around her lips.

Pulling himself from her mouth, Storm collapsed onto the bed next to his cousin as Trey lay upon her back, his sweaty chest and abs covering her nakedness. Austin pulled her down gently to lie on his chest, holding her as close to him as possible with his cousin still on top of her, surrounding her with his body, arms, and legs.

Trey laid kisses along her shoulders and neck. Austin covered her lips with his gently, licking at them while Storm played with the nipple that was closest to him. Lyndee felt surrounded by their love and knew that she was going to miss all of them when she had to go back to Denver. Sighing, she laid her head on Austin’s chiseled chest.

“Are you all right, little one?” Austin asked, kissing the top of her head.

Lifting her head to look at him, she smiled. “Yes. I was just thinking how much I was going to miss all of you when I have to go back home.”

All three men stilled, Trey in the midst of pulling his flaccid cock from her ass. When no one moved, she looked from Austin to Storm and glanced back at Trey, each one wearing a solemn look upon their faces. Storm was the first to come out of the shock she sent them into as he leaned up on one elbow and reached out to cup her cheek.

“You are coming back, darlin’. Aren’t you?” he asked, frightened of what her answer would be.

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  1. Thank you J (that's what people call me also) for the review. I'm glad to be here. Eileen Green is a pen name, just my middle name and part of my last name. I use my actual name for my mainstream novels.
    I look forward to my future in writing as I already have three more erotic novels complete and working on my fifth one. I also have 2 completed mainstream novels I need to submit. I just wanted to see how things went with Lyndee's Saviors. I am very happy to see that people enjoy it.