Wednesday, May 28, 2014


If you're a fan of the Twilight series and really into werewolves, Dirty Blood if for you. This isn't a vampire/werewolf sort of love story. Instead, we have the werewolves and the Hunters.

Each race is born with certain traits and a deep loathing for the other. They've been at war with each other for centuries, coming close to wiping each other out on occasion. However, the Hunters created special schools and started training from an early age to kill the werewolves. The wolves, in turn, make it a point to track down Hunters and kill them before they have a chance to develop. Once a upon a time, a select group of Hunters and werewolves gave peace a try and called their effort The Cause. No effort is without opposition, and the leaders were killed. Enter Wes and Tara.

Wes is a Dirty Blood, the child of a Hunter and a werewolf. He has one goal, to protect Tara. She has become the target of a dangerous werewolf who opposes The Cause by killing the messenger. But why target a teenage human girl? Thrown into a supernatural world she never knew about, Tara must protect herself and find out the reason she is hunted. Try as they might, Wes and Tara can't help but feel a magnetic attraction to each other. How can love and affection grow when danger is always around the next corner?

I loved Dirty Blood. There's action, internal and external conflicts on both sides, and a nice amount of tension in this sweet romance. This makes a great read for young adults on down to middle grade readers. The language isn't harsh. The violence isn't graphic, but the tension between our hero and heroine is palpable. I have no problem recommending this book as a good work read, something to slip into while waiting for the kids poolside, at practice, or in the carpool lane. Dirty Blood is anexciting read sure to get the kids to pick up a series of books over the coming summer! I give Dirty Blood 5 stars!

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