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Winterborn is the intense story of a disintegrating family trapped in a small town haunted by a terrible tragedy that occurred twenty years earlier. Tamsyn Hallert finds herself reliant on narcotics to make it through daily life with her husband, Sean, who spent the majority of their marriage involved with his high school girlfriend, and his surprise illegitimate son Kevin. Kevin has all the classic possessed-kid symptoms. He’s angry, manipulative, hangs out in the abandoned ‘haunted’ house, and likes to bite. Weird things begin to happen, and Tamsyn can’t figure out if they’re real, or products of her self-medication.

When Sean begins to act strange and a horrific creature attacks them, she realizes everything is very, very real. She’s the key to unleashing--or stopping--the terrifying forces bound within the Wraithborne Estate.

With her husband held in sway by a dead woman, her life falling apart around her, Tamsyn has to figure out if she even wants to save her crumbling family.

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Talk about creepy! I love a good scary story, and Roland didn't disappoint. There are so many twists and turns to this quick paced story I'm not sure how much to tell!

Tamsyn is a drug addict in a train wreck of a marriage to Sean. She's a temperamental artist. She's suffered with a philandering husband and multiple miscarriages. Now, her husband has moved her back to his hometown to raise his bastard son with his "other woman." What else could go wrong?

Never ask that question. The universe is always more than happy to show you. In Tamsyn's case, the icing on the cake is Kevin, Sean's illegitimate son. Kevin practices dark magic and spiritualism similar to Voodoo. Unfortunately for her, he is practicing his dark arts on her! Making her question her sanity and her relationship with Sean, Tamsyn isn't yet away the stalking shadows and eyes in the dark aren't drug induced hallucinations. Kevin is a screwed up little boy who wants his mother and father to be together. Tamsyn is in his way and no one belives her when she reaches out for help.

I have to say it. Way to go Roland! I'm a huge Stephen King fan, and Winterborn is written in the same dark, twisted vein of scary story lines as King. Tamsyn's pain is tangible, both her internal struggles with the drugs and her external struggles with Sean and Kevin. I really enjoyed watching her rise to the occasion. The ending is a surprise with a moment that makes you hold your breath and wonder what happens next. This is a great suspense for older teens and adults of all ages. I don't recommend this one for the younger readers, unless sitting up all night with nightmares is your thing! Winterborn gets 4.5 stars!

About the Author:
A.D. Roland grew up reading all the horror ‘greats.’ It’s no wonder her writing reflects the same archetypes--haunted houses and families, broken people and, of course, that thin thread of hope that everything will turn out fine. She lives in rural central Florida with her kids and a clowder of cats. She is the author of Dark Consort, a dark fantasy, Swamp Baby, a horror novel, and most currently, A Year of You, a new adult romantic suspense.

In addition to writing, A.D. designs book covers under the name Ash Arceneaux. Her offers premade covers for authors/publishers who need a cover on a deadline, and works on commission. For those who wish to follow her, her facebook page is, and her website is

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