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[Siren Allure: Erotic Contemporary Romance, public exhibition, spanking, sex toys, HEA]
Romance author Kate Nichols can't believe her luck when rock star, Jason Grey, calls out the winning numbers that matches those on the ticket that she holds in her hand. She will be the one enjoying his company that evening! She only hopes that she’ll be able to maintain her composure around him. She’s been fantasizing about the man for years!
Jason can't believe how attracted he is to the woman sitting across the table from him. She isn’t his type, but he can't deny that he wants her bad.
Neither of them can get the steamy encounter that they shared out of their minds, but Jason makes the effort to seek Kate out and the two of them begin spending time together.
Kate is
determined to enjoy every moment that she can with him, convinced that he will eventually become bored and move on, while Jason becomes determined to convince her that they are perfect for each other.
A Siren Erotic Romance


What can I say but wow! The PDF came in at 355 pages and 126,347 words of back to back sex! LaRocca certainly did deliver on the steamy action!

Kate is a quiet sort of a person who enjoys her privacy. She even left the Big Apple behind in favor of living in the family's lake house in a tiny town. Being left to enjoy the quiet and write, Kate's not looking for a change of scenery. In fact, if it weren't for Claire, her best friend and agent, she would never have considered entering the Dream Date contest. Talk about a reluctant winner! But win she did and Jason Grey found a quiet woman more interested in him as a person than as a rock star.

After his last break up with a social climbing actress, rock star Jason Grey wasn't entirely sure he wanted to start another relationship. Something about Kate, however, drew him in and fascinated him. She didn't look a thing like his usual type, but his usual type always seemed to lead him to heartache. This time he wasn't going to let a good woman get away, but can he help her get past the major reservations she has about being in the spotlight?

I enjoyed watching Kate come out of her shell, both sexually and as a girlfriend. She really opens up to the possibilities Jason Grey offers her. She, on the other hand, offers him a slice of reality in a make-believe world. They sort of anchor each other and compliment each other's personalities well. The chemistry between the two is good. You really want to see them do well together as friends and lovers. The conflict with the nosy report pops up at just the right times, but on the whole, the story is back to back sex! The language is steamy without being over the top. There are a few places I might not want someone reading over my shoulder, if you're looking for a work read. This is definitely an adult only read. I give Dream Date by Bea LaRocca 4.5 stars!

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